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Change is the only constant thing in life!

  • Do you think you might be addicted to food, »love« or relationships, sex, gambling, fantasy, shopping, spirituality, work or computer gaming, and you are determined to stop?
  • Are you codependent or in a relationship with an addict?
  • Do you suffer because your adult children are leaving home, and you suspect you might be addicted to relationships?
  • Do you feel that your life has come to a dead end and you cannot remember when was the last time you really felt good about something?
  • Do you think that someone should be somewhere out there to give meaning to your life, but you just cannot find him?
  • Do you worry about the fact that you seem to need sex more than it is good for you?
  • Were you left without a sense of meaning after a divorce or loss of a job?
  • Do you work with adolescents and you are not satisfied with what you can offer them?

Your heart is the only place in the Universe you are responsible to make better!

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