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Compulsive working and debting

Compulsive working and debtingare process addictions, which can be found independently or in combination, and are types of out of control obsessions with working, earning, spending of money, time and other resources. The obsession can go to either extreme – too much or too little. The addicts feel like something terrible is going to happen if they do not keep controlling the work situation. They ignore their limitations and are unable to decline work obligations and projects in spite of the damage to their health and family relationships. On the other side of the continuum there are the people who abuse shopping and spending for the relief it brings to their grief or emotional pain. The behavior becomes compulsive and out of control, resulting in serious debts they are unable to cover. Behaviors:

  • Compulsive working
  • Compulsive debting
  • Compulsive financial risk-taking
  • Addiction to shopping

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