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Process Addiction

Process addictions (behavior addictions, non-chemical addictions) are addictive diseases, whereby a specific behaviors, rather than substances like alcohol or illicit drugs,  are used for inducing trance, escape or anesthesia.  Such addictive behaviors may be the attempts to control a spouse or partner, various sexual practices, gambling, manipulation with food bingeing/purging/obsessive dieting, fantasizing, irresponsible buying/ spending/ hoarding/ working, risk taking, computer gaming, visiting computer social networks and the like. The behavior is abused compulsively and obsessively to reduce psychological or relational pain by inducing a high or numb state.

These behaviors are common to addicts as well as the non-addicts, so the diagnosis of  process addictions are not based on the type or frequency of the behavior, but on the diagnostic criteria like loss of control. The addicts continue to act out in spite of the severe consequences they are aware of. The reason is: they cannot stop!

If you think your out of control behavior may be a process addiction, read the descriptions of process addictions below. You may use the links to the websites where you can find questionnaires to test if that might be your problem.  The proper diagnosis, however, can only be confirmed by an addiction expert.

If you wish to consult with our expert Sanja Rozman, please call or email us and make an appointment.

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