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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is one of the process addictions, characterized by the compulsive obsessionwith sexual behavior. Due to the pathological changes in the brain circuits, sex addict can no longer control or stop their risky and self-destructive behavior in spite of hurtful consequences, no matter how hard they try. Sexual obsession and fantasy has become their primary survival mechanism. They experience dramatic ups and downs and cravings for the sexual behavior and obsess about sexual planning, acting out and fantasy. The condition tends to become worse as the frequency and risk-taking escalates. Typical behaviors that constitute sex addiction are:

  • fantasizing, pornography, cybersex
  • obsession with sexual »hunting«
  • anonymous sex
  • paying for sex and trading sex
  • voyeurism, exhibitionism
  • pain exchange, exploitation, intrusive sex


Free screening test for sex addiction:


Our therapists have been studying with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the pioneer in identifying, treating, and studying sexual addiction. They hold the professional title of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists, and are entitled to use his »thirty task model« of treatment and a wealth of diagnostic and therapeutic tools he designed.

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